Frequently Asked and Answered

This page helps answer (directly and indirectly) in text and video format, the most frequently answered questions we’ve been asked about CrossFit, including

  1. Is CrossFit too hard/intense for me? No. CrossFit’s programming protocols state that coaches must scale (reduce) the intensity to suit a person’s abilities, so that they can be successful in their attempt to be better.
  2. Is CrossFit for old people? Fat people? Kids? Athletes? Yes.
  3. Does CrossFit injure people? No. Bad coaching, bad attitudes and lack of attention to practice and detail injure people. This is the same across all physical activities.
  4. Does CrossFit encourage bad technique? No. Quite the opposite. CrossFit has a culture which emphasizes good technique and takes reps away from you if they are done badly.  However, to the untrained eye, we understand how good technique done in a fatigued state can look like bad technique.
  5. CrossFit’s specialty is not specializing but I am an athlete. Is CrossFit too general a program for me? No. Even athletes can benefit from CrossFit because CrossFit coaches also learn to program for INDIVIDUAL goals.
  6. Does CrossFit include a nutrition guideline? Yes.
  7. Will CrossFit make me look bulky? No.  Your ability to gain muscle mass or ‘bulk’ is determined by your genetics, training specifically to gain muscle mass, eating specifically to gain muscle mass and your use/abuse of steroids and banned substances.  CrossFit’s dietary and training practices emphasize form, function fitness and health.
  8. Can children do CrossFit? Yes.
  9. Can I lose a lot of fat doing CrossFit? Yes.
  10. Can I maintain my weight doing CrossFit? Yes.
  11. Can I CrossFit while pregnant? Possibly but ask your doctor first. Then contact Dr. Garth McIntyre about our CrossFit IslandFit Moms program.

Other FAQs:

  1. Is IslandFit sometimes open on Bank Holidays? Yes, we MAY be open on select holidays for a WOD only.  Please consult with our coaches and front desk.  We are a ‘family-first’ facility and prefer to spend our holidays with family.  We encourage you to do the same.
  2. Can my athletic group/church group book specific times/dates for ourselves? Yes, you may.  Please contact the manager.
  3. I’ve only done 4 of the classes in my 8-class package this month. Can the other 4 be done next month? Our packages are one month packages which have a start date (1st of the month) and end date (last day of that month).  Once your month expires you lose claim to any classes therein.
  4. Do you cool down/stretch after class? Yes we always do. Here’s the basic list which you can practice at home.
    Stretches held for a minimum of 30 seconds each.
    • Lying knees to chest
    • Left Ankle across Right Thigh; repeat next side
    • Left Lying Hamstring Stretch; repeat next side
    • Rock into sitting Groin stretch
    • Straddle sit and reach left; repeat next side
    • Lying Quad stretch left; repeat next side
    • Kneeling Lunge stretch with opposite side Triceps stretch; repeat next side

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