Congratulations to Carifta-selected athletes!

The CFIF Team extends congratulations to all those ADP athletes who were selected to be part of the Carifta Swim Team!

From all of us to all of you, well done!

Jack Kirby

Margaux Harvey-Read

Rebecca Lashley

McKayla Treasure

Kobi Talma

The Team will be competing in Aruba, April 22nd to 26th.

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CFIF: Best gym ever! That is how I describe CFIF to anyone who asks. It is truly different, our bodies are the machines and with the guidance , encouragement and support of the coaches, I feel like limits I had once placed on myself have fallen away. I am excited to come to the gym, (and) it never feels monotonous, which was my main problem with conventional gyms. In CFIF I have found an outlet for my energy and enthusiasm for fitness. I would recommend it to anyone!

Naomi Lynton


T NATION | Westside Wisdom & a note from Coach C

T NATION | Westside Wisdom.

Believe what you will about ‘CrossFit’, about us…the truth is that CF:IF philosophies and practices are on par with the very best Strength and Conditioning facilities and coaches in the world.

We are helmed by medical professionals and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, all of whom have excelled at sport/competition and in some cases winning outright (Congrats to Coach Phil again on his recent win in Trinidad).

We have the knowledge. We have the experience. We have the passion.

We talk the talk AND we walk it.

We have zero tolerance for EGO-tistical thinking; in practice, in training or in business. We don’t compete with other gyms because we don’t see the point in it.  With ‘half our population’ obese, having metabolic syndrome etc how can we be so arrogant and self-serving as to say we will focus on competing with other gyms, do what they do, copy them etc??? All gyms in Barbados should be seeking to do the same thing we are: striving to be unique while giving the best service we possibly can to our members. We have chosen to do so through CrossFit methodologies, athletic/performance training and nutrition advising.

We pursue betterment of our member-athletes with the same fervor as we do for ourselves, sometimes more so because we are about making BARBADOS better.

In the short 3-4 months since we’ve cracked our doors, we’ve seen newbies to athletic training, rank beginners AND experienced trainees SURPASS their previous fitness levels,  within our walls and outside of them.

Yesterday, surrounded by members bustin their butts, I crushed my previous FRAN time! How? By following the very same programming methodologies we set for our members AND by being humble enough to let MEMBERS motivate and COACH me through it (big shout out to Russell Grant and Anderson Hall).

You see, this is who we are. A community (not a cult). One where you are free to come and go as you please, be yourself and improve without pressure, prejudice or cliques. There’s always love and support. We don’t tie you down (financially or otherwise). We lift you up. We support your goals with straight talk, honest answers and a good dose of frill-free hard work. We encourage multiple fitness pursuits (yes, go ahead and do Zumba etc) because fitness should be fun and unrestricted…in the end, what is fitness but adults being able to use their bodies the same way they did as children?

In closing, as we head into the final month before Grand Kadooment, I encourage you to eat, drink and be merry BUT be as fit and healthy as possible while you do so. Be body responsible. Take care of yourself and as Ellen puts it, ‘be kind to one another’.


Coach C.

Coach P explores Double Unders

In our quest to get better, each coach practices what they preach at IslandFitHQ and explores what they aren’t very good at (training outside the margins of their experience). Here Coach P explores Double Unders:

Here, Coach Cary explores Muscle Ups:

Coach Cary. Muscle Up practice.

A note from Russ

It’s a little embarrassing to say but I love CrossFit IslandFit.

It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago it was a somewhat empty and plain building but has now been fully transformed into a place of camaraderie and filled with so much energy, provided in no small part by our members.

I confess that waking up in the early hours of the morning was a bit daunting at first but it was all made worthwhile when I saw people who arrived only minutes after me, ready to get their workouts done before they head off to other commitments, .

Working at Crossfit Islandfit has also allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful and diverse people who want to improve themselves, to push past their limits and create new ones. Even when they’re out of breath and collapsed on the floor they can look over and see another member in the same position, sharing not the pain, but sharing the glory; the sheer exultation of completing the workout; one more step towards their goal; whether that be more stamina, improved strength or a better toned (and sexy!) body.

CrossFit IslandFit has only just started, but no one, not our staff nor our members, will ever quit.

-Russell Gaskin, CFIF Customer Service


Val, a box and a hammer..

A year ago I would have never considered participating in a CrossFit challenge.  But I realized when I started to get moving last year that motion is very powerful  when momentum and effort are also applied.  The 13.2 challenge was simple enough in theory but that box was a perfect representation of every and any obstacle I have ever faced.  It broke my rhythm, it intimidated me, it was high, it was hard, it gave me pause and it pissed me off.
Now I am by no means fit.  But in that challenge and in other ones, physical or otherwise, it is just as important that your mind is in gear and focused, so there is no room for fear or intimidation.

…Big lesson learned in the short space of a 10 min CrossFit challenge and a wooden box!….(that I would like to brek up with a hammer btw)!

Hazel-Anne’s Vacation W.O.D

I am a Crossfit newbie, 5 months in, and I absolutely love it!! I fell in love with Crossfit at my home box – Crossfit Stealth in New Brunswick, NJ! So, when I was in Barbados during the Open workouts, I checked to see whether there were any Crossfit boxes there, and was thrilled to see there were two! I called Crossfit 246 as they popped up first in the search on and spoke to the owner, who was super nice and helpful, and suggested that I contact Crossfit IslandFit as they were planning on hosting other visiting Open competitors. I contacted Crossfit IslandFit on Facebook, and they were super responsive, and let me know I could come in to do 13.3 that evening! They were not even fully and officially open, but the folks at Crossfit IslandFit welcomed me with open and enthusiastic arms! The energy radiating from Cary and Stacey was contagious, and so while I was nervous, as anyone in their right mind facing an Open workout would be, I was much reassured by the warmth that I felt that evening at IslandFit!! When Philip (who would be my judge) and Asha arrived they were also really welcoming and super supportive!! If the cheers of support and warmth that I experienced during my 13.3 workout at Crossfit IslandFit are any indication, this is going to be an outstanding box that truly embodies the Crossfit community that I have loved becoming a part of these last few months!! So, any Crossfitters headed to Barbados, do be sure to check out Crossfit IslandFit, as the Crossfit Community spirit is alive and well in paradise!!

– Hazel-Anne M. Johnson

Marlene, IslandFit and Open 13.2

On Saturday, March 16th my husband and I ventured to Crossfit Islandfit HQ so I could do workout 13.2 for the Crossfit Games Open. Our experience could not have been better or the people more inviting.

We were vacationing in Barbados and came across Islandfit HQ online as one of two CrossFit gyms on the island. I called the number and although the gym wasn’t even done being built yet, they told me I was welcome to come and workout. The gym was easy to find via Google Maps. We were also given specific directions on the phone. The gym is in a good location for tourists and travelers in the Bridgetown area. We were staying at the Hilton and took a taxi to and from the facility which is near the US Embassy.
The owners and coaches at this Crossfit gym could not be any friendlier or accommodating. They even brought bottles of water for us. It was neat to see the gym in its final construction phase and the workers were not in our way at all. All the equipment is top of the line (Rogue) and brand new, which was fun to use. If you are going to Barbados or already live there and are expecting a low grade, dirty gym, think again. This place was neat, clean, new and fresh with all the things you need for your Crossfit workouts.
My workout was great. They had all the proper forms for the Open workout and even videoed it. Our experience and the people couldn’t have been better. I am honored to have been their first paying customer and would go back anytime. Hopefully I will be back 🙂 Barbados is beautiful and so was this gym. Best of luck with your official opening Islandfit HQ! You deserve it.
Yours Truly,
Marlene McCune
PS-My baby girl is due July 20th!

CrossFit newbie!

“I’ve been watching the CrossFit games on tv now for the last couple of years and I’ve always sat in awe of these male and female beasts on the screen. Lifitng heavy weight, pushing and pulling, jumping buildings in a single bound, in short doing some inhuman looking things. I never thought in my wildest dreams it could be for me. I’m not fit and I’ve been struggling with being overweight for a while now and I looked at those ppl on screen and went no way in hell, those ppl need Jesus. Cary Holder kept telling me that one day I could be one of those ppl but “he mout ent got nuh cova” so he could say whatever he wanted. I had no belief…until this week. My family and I did CrossFit WOD 13.2. 5 shoulder presses (75lb), 10 deadlifts (75lb) and 15 box jumps (20″) as many reps as possible in 10 minutes. I looked at the weights and the box jumps and laughed in my husband’s face and said no way and he said of course you can do it, we’re just going to have to scale it. Scale??? What the hell is scale??? (other than the dreaded weight watcher that spits out vile lies when I build up the courage to stand on it) What it meant was that the weight was dropped to something I could manage and while the box remained at 20″ I did step-ups instead of jumps. I am surprised and proud to say that I got through three full rounds and only missed out on the step-ups in the fourth. I felt so accomplished, so strong and amazed at what my body could do. Of course I haven’t dropped any weight yet, but my mind has been changed. I heard a little roar in my head as my inner beast has decided to come out of slumber. I am ready to face what comes next. I’ve finally realised that my body does what my mind tells it it can do. I’ve realised that while I might not want to be a full fledged beast, I want to be able to look at one full in the face and say bring it! Is Islandfit HQ for you? I don’t know…it depends on who you want you to be.”

– Stacey Holder.  Banking Professional.