Thursday Throwdown


Usually the last Thursday of the month, the “ CFIF Thursday Throwdown” is a friendly competition (which is an indoor fitness competition, based on CrossFit WODs and MERI Mashes, that we started in April 2013) where athletes like you try to complete a series of fitness tasks, with time as the ultimate parameter! Prizes go to the top male and female athlete. Members compete for free. Non-members pay just $20.

Please bring with you the following:

  1. Water
  2. Towel
  3. Exercise Mat

While we would love you to participate, please do not attend if you are tired, sick or feeling in any way unwell.

Remember to go at your own pace and feel free to stop at any time.

Before attending, please read our Rules and Regulations Page thoroughly and refer back to it often.

Give us a call when you want to attend! 622-1241.

Great Prizes to the top male and female provided in part by:

Hands for Healing

Fabulash Barbados

Healthy Eats Cafe

Diva The Salon

Next 2 Natural

Jeans Inc

and more!

*Interested in sponsoring this event? Give us a call! 266-5762

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Some Previous Throwdowns:

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