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CrossFit ISLANDFIT is focused on building community health and wellness through efficient, fun, safe and highly results-oriented exercise. We achieve this not by just opening the doors to a facility and accepting memberships but by providing coached fitness sessions for parents and their children, offering individual guidance and a friendly look over their shoulder when required.
CrossFit ISLANDFIT is a group of highly educated, heavily experienced personal trainers, business men and medical professionals. We are all Barbadian. Each of us left for a while; traveled, studied, learned, then returned home intent on making our country healthier with less incidences of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCD’s).

We are the first full-service CrossFit box to open in Barbados, Barbados’ second official affiliate  and the only CrossFit facility in Barbados (and perhaps the region) to be owned and operated by medical professionals.  This speaks volumes to our commitment to health and wellness.

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For directions, go here and see below.

From Collymore Rock past Banks playing field, take the left at the old Banks brewery. Take the left after Automotive Art. Walk the right turn immediately after Wilbar Centre (see our sign on this building). We are the orange door.

IMG-20130322-WA0005CFIF collage


Owner Dr. Garth McIntyre CF-L1, ObGyn and head of our CrossFit Moms (pre- and post-natal) program (the only one in Barbados)


By Profession I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and a Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with the University of the West Indies. At CFIF I am Coach G. At home I am daddy to two wonderful children and husband to my adorable and tolerant wife.

I have been active all my life in different sports and working out at the gym. I played and trained for pleasure and have never excelled in any sporting activity. My focus changed and rebirth occurred 4.5 years ago when it was getting harder and harder to get myself in the gym for another version of chest and arms or such like.  I was first introduced to high intensity training through a personal trainer, then I added some endurance sessions and then I was exposed to CrossFit.

In 2012 I started following CrossFit programming exclusively and have remained sold on the philosophy. This led me to want to share the experience with all those seeking fitness, and not just esthetics, from their physical pursuits. My CrossFit training has been instrumental in the moderate achievements I have had as an age group athlete- Run Barbados 5K 2012 1st in age group; Barbados National Sprint Triathlon 2012, 2013 1st in age group.

I attended the CrossFit Trainers Course in April 2013 and hold the CF L1 certificate. I share my experience and knowledge of CrossFit through an Elements class, Endurance Squad activities and with anyone who expresses an interest. My special area has become the CFIF-Moms, a class held especially for pregnant and post-natal women. This has afforded me the opportunity to combine my professional knowledge with my physical passion.

I look forward to the growth of CrossFit:IslandFit, CrossFit in Barbados, our athletes excelling at CrossFit (and the CrossFit Games) and my personal development through further training and certification in special CrossFit areas.


Owner Dr. Philip Gaskin CF-L1, Multisport Athlete Development Coach


I am a 43 year old Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Associate Lecturer with the University of the West Indies;  I am married to Paediatrician, Asha Pemberton-Gaskin and am the father of two lovely girls, Zahra 9 and Isis 6.

I was raised in an active household, and can recall the atmosphere of early morning walks and runs by my parents, I have always enjoyed and had a passion for sports. While I never participated at the school or club level, my interest in athletic endeavour continued.

In my early adulthood, I completed my medical degree and sub-specialist training and started my family. Despite the challenges of a busy medical lifestyle, I held on to my pipe dreams of being a runner maybe even a triathlete. At the time, I lived in Dublin, Ireland and would ride to work daily, and then come home to meet my wife to share a fast run around our neighbourhood park. I felt as if I were setting the stage for my future foray into triathlon.

When I moved back home to Barbados, I continued running, and created a 5K loop through my neighbourhood. I ran the loop 3 days per week 27mins, 26 mins and hoped to break 25 minutes, one day. My initial goal was to participate in the Run Barbados10km event and my aim was to run sub 50mins. That didn’t happen the first year. I was dejected. I thought to myself:  “I am training hard, running my loop, I should be at least top 10 in the race!!!”.

Something had to change. I met and created my original training group, called the  5AM Crew, (because we trained at 5AM!) My running increased, the distances increased and the company was superb. We started doing races during the year. I then joined a local cycling group, called the Roamers for Saturday morning “roams” on my old mountain bike. I pedalled painfully to keep up. Meanwhile back at my home, our second baby  was on the way and 4year old daughter starting to do triathlon.- kid’s event. The call of the triathlon was louder. It roared.

Sadly, as I ran more and trained more I got hurt more – back pain, knee pain, shin splints –  it felt like I was always recovering from an injury and then got another one. My worst injury came at what I considered to be my signature race,  Run Barbados 10km road race. I didn’t finish!  A devastating moment. I spent the next 6 months, not running but in rehab – in other words,depressed. When I managed to fight through my funk I did what everyone does,  I joined a gym. One day as I was on my way to “the gym” I sent my brother Chris who lives in NYC a text, “send me a workout, I am going to the gym”. He sent me a CrossFit WOD called mini Cindy! I looked at it and figured I would clobber it, but alas I was clobbered and left barely breathing.

I then started becoming obsessed with Crossfit. Obsessed. Crosfit made me strong, resilient and adventurous. The works were hard and different, and suddenly I started running faster. I felt as if I had discovered a magic potion. I needed to share it.

I was and am a chatter box at work. Spreading the great news about Crossfit.  One day while relating my run details or ride details (I can’t remember), my present training partner/business partner/colleague and best friend, Dr. GARTH MCINTYRE overheard me chatting and arranged to meet me early one morning for a ride. It was a nice easy ride but it was a ripple that was about to grow into a tsunami. A tsunami of thoughts-ideas-implementation; team shirts, training plans, IronDocs, races, advocacy against sugar-sweetened-beverages, family-triathlon-vacations, train, train, and MORE train, Crossfit, Crossfit certifications, affiliation, lets-set-an-example, show-patients-we-can-do-it, walking the talk and finally 3years later, here we are. A triathlete, a runner, a Crossfitter, a coach, a Crossfit box co-owner. Ready and willing to push health and wellness in Barbados and the region to the next level prescribing exercise as medicine.
DM ;Anaesthesia and intensive care
Crossfit level 1 cert.
International triathlon union community level 1 certified

Too many to mention



Dr. Asha Pemberton-Gaskin (CFIF Program Consultant – Athlete Development Program)

Dr Asha Pemberton-Gaskin is a Paediatrician and Adolescent Medicine Specialist, with a special interest in the healthcare of young athletes. Having had an active upbringing in sport at the high-school and club level, she is aware of the multiple physical, psychological and social factors that can impact the performance and enjoyment of sport by young people. As a result, she continues to advocate for optimal holistic healthcare for younger athletes, particularly those pursing disciplines at a competitive level.

Dr Pemberton-Gaskin is presently a Consultant Paediatrician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill in Child Health (Paediatrics). In her medical career, Dr Pemberton-Gaskin has started pursuing further work in Sport Medicine, specifically for the paediatric/adolescent population, both at the clinical and research levels. From a growing wealth of experience with local athletes, she hopes to implement structured pre-participation screening and evaluation for youth athletes as well as continue advocacy to support development of programmes which provide psychological and emotional support for young people who are pursuing sport at higher levels.

Cary Holder CSCS CF-L1, Head Coach



Having been through many trials and tribulations on the paths of fitness and the business of fitness, I am a man now leading a life as much as possible in the following uncompromising order: God then Family then Other. This order, while tough to maintain at times, informs me as to my coaching approaches, educational avenues and business decisions.

I have been very active throughout my life (Basketball, Tennis, Football, Track, Cricket) and love athletic pursuits.  I am pleased to say that my achievements in the field of fitness have included being the first male in Barbados to win an international Physique Model competition (Fitness Model category), Personal Trainer of the Year, Top 5 finishes at two Mr. Caribbean Barbados competitions, Top 10 finishes in all fitness challenges I have ever participated in, completing an international Duathlon, being a featured model in two fitness calendars, managing two (now three) successful fitness facilities, creating the most successful group interval training program in Barbados (www.merifatloss.com) and introducing young athletes to High Performance training.  However, I am happiest to say that I have been very successful at helping people change their lives through exercise!

My greatest passion really is with enabling others to fully experience the joys and triumphs of their personal fitness accomplishments and in so doing, enable them to live happier lives. I am a coach to the core and believe coaching to be my God-given purpose.

My expertise is in the niche of Bodyweight Training and I enjoy creating meal plans that are both healthy and delicious!

I am a graduate of York University, Toronto (Religious Studies) and am happily and gratefully married to Stacey Holder with whom I share a love for literature.



Owner Andre W. Holder

I am a 34 year old civil engineer currently living in Perth, Western Australia with my wife Kaelie.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto (Civil Engineering ) and Cleveland State University (Master of Business Administration).

I have been active for most of my life. During my adult years it was with the gym and Crossfit. As a youngster, I swam competitively. I must confess that though I was passionate about fitness before, it really was relocating to Australia in 2011 to join my wife that really propelled my passion for healthy living to another level.

I had heard about crossfit from a friend when I was still living in Washington DC but it was only after moving to Perth that I actively started going to a crossfit box. Crossfit presented a new challenge for me in terms of pushing my limits and I am continuously amazed at how my strength, endurance and overall fitness have improved. Also, the camaraderie and sense of community that existed at the box was very encouraging. It became clear to me that folks from all walks of life and varying fitness levels were connected by this common goal which was to do each WOD better!!!

With some of some of my Perth Crossfit mates I also had the opportunity to attend the Reebok Crossfit Games in Los Angeles, California in July 2012 and was able to see firsthand some of Crossfit’s most elite athletes from around the world in competition.

So to meet my fellow CFIF directors who share my passion and to be able to bring a Crossfit box of this standard to Barbados, is an accomplishment of which I am extremely proud.  I have also become increasing conscious of how the lifestyle and diet that many of us as Barbadians enjoy contribute to our high rate of chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) and believe CFIF can be used as a real platform for us to make that change.

We have great things in store for the Crossfit community in Barbados and I look forward to this journey not only for CFIF but also for myself and my family.


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