Awesome Athlete of the Week, “Superman”!

This week we meet member-coach Ryan Johnson aka Superman!

How long have you been a member at IslandFitHQ?

10 months

How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time?

I was training with Coach Cary in his MERI program and one day he said he had found a new home for the program. That started my journey to the box where I have dabbled in MERI, WODS, Throwdowns and all the box has to offer

Was there a pivotal event that led you to us?

MERI changed homes!!!

What are your fave training shoes?

Currently enjoying my Reebok Nanos 3.0 (unless it’s a long run)

Can you remember your first workout? What was it like?

Can’t remember my 1st but two early ones that stand out was a bank holiday “Fight Gone Bad” and a Saturday afternoon ‘Kelly’ ( 5 rounds for time 400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall ball shots). I remember thinking ‘Damn, this is rough’ during the workout and just after telling myself, ‘I love this ****!’

What tunes do you like working out to?

Doesn’t really matter what is playing. At 3..2..1. GO!!! It really is all just background noise

What has been one of the biggest things in your life that has changed since starting CrossFit? 

My commitment to training… Don’t get me wrong; before Crossfit I could be seen in a gym on a fairly regular schedule but any excuse not to go on a particular day I accepted. Nowadays I really look forward to my time in the box and find any reason to get my WOD on.

What are you doing when you aren’t CrossFitting? Career, hobbies etc

Monday to Monday I can be found at The West India Biscuit Company (WIBISCO) when not in the box and any little time away from these two ‘homes’ can be spent watching a comedy or following cricket around the globe.

Is there a CFIF member who inspires you? To be honest… whenever I enter the box and see members giving their all… pushing for that last rep and I feel the community vibes…. I am inspired

Is there a CFIF coach who inspires you? Head Coach Cary and Coach J

What achievement at CFIF are you most stoked about?

Having multiple Thursday Throwdown victories

What has been your greatest fitness achievement to date?

2ndplace finishing in Mr. Caribbean Barbados (a physical fitness and physique competition).

What’s the next fitness goal to be smashed?

Handstand push-ups and muscle-ups. If I can get a grasp of those I feel I will have the skill set for anything Crossfit can throw at me. I won’t be a master but I will at least be able to squeeze out a few reps.

What are your IslandFit Plans for the future?

To continue to enjoy the experience and spend some time working on my weaknesses so by the time Open Workout 15.5 is complete my name can be on page 1 with the best in the region

What advice would you have for those thinking about joining us at IslandFit?

Just do it. Don’t get fooled by some who might say you need to get fit before starting Crossfit. That’s RUBBISH!!! Sign up and let’s get started achieving whatever your fitness goals may be

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

Let’s see….love me a Mojos burgers and a meat lovers pizza… and let’s not forget nachos and salsa  (Actually, I could probably have them all as one big cheat)

If you could program one WOD what would it be?

This WOD must have some running, dead lifts, and box jumps. Let’s have a 400m run to begin each round and the dead lifts and box jumps will probably follow a 21-15-9 rep scheme.

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