Awesome Athlete of the Week: Ife Clarke

This week, we interview Ife Sharifa Clarke.

How long have you been a member at IslandFitHQ? 

7 months

How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time?

Long time Coach, Cary – brought me through the doors.

Was there a pivotal event that led you to us?

Basically, I was at a point where I wasn’t training, and was bored with my routine –do it yourself workouts. I was allowing my work to become an excuse for why I wasn’t doing anything physical. I hit a brick wall where I wasn’t happy with my body or my level of fitness – So I told myself, enough with the excuses –it’s time to seriously commit and I couldn’t  think of anywhere else but Crossfit : Islandfit.

What are your fave training shoes? 

I’m a Nike Girl but my Reebok Nano 2.0’s are seriously growing on me.

Can you remember your first workout? What was it like?

It was a Saturday WOD – N-A-N-C-Y!!! That was her name! One of the girls I would grow to have a love-hate relationship with. Five rounds for time of – 400 meter run, 15 reps Overhead squats.  I remember yelling at Coach Phil “I am DYING!!!!” and he was like you will be alright!! Honestly, I thought he was mad.  The relief of it being over was great – but knowing that I finished it – was an accomplishment!

What tunes do you like working out to?

Honestly, it depends on what workout I’m doing- but mostly high energy music – so gimme some Soca or Dancehall!!

What has been one of the biggest things in your life that has changed since starting CrossFit? 

My commitment – Nothing can stop me from going to the box!

What are you doing when you aren’t CrossFitting? Career, hobbies etc

Thinking about crossfit or watching crossfit videos – wait does that count as crossfitting ? LOL. To be honest, work takes up the remainder of my time. If I do have spare time I spend it with friends – there’s nothing like a good lime.

Is there a CFIF member who inspires you? 

6 days a week I train with a group of individuals who are competitive, motivational , open to constructive criticism. The Games Prep Family inspires me because, every day they show me that anything is possible! They are undefeated, unafraid and unbroken – every challenge is met with mental and physical strength and an awesome support system! #lovemyteam

Is there a CFIF coach who inspires you?

Coach J – Have you been to his classes ? The energy is great! He is humble in his achievements and his commitment to his personal progress and those he coaches is amazing!

What achievement at CFIF are you most stoked about?

For me Crossfit is more mental than physical and every time I walk into the box, I have to overcome my fear and commit to whatever I’m doing. It has aided me in recognising my potential , harnessing it and giving it everything I’ve got and more. That’s a mindset,  I take with me through everyday and it has empowered me and made me more confident in living life.

What has been your greatest fitness achievement to date?

PULLUPS!!! If you were following my pull up journey you would know, I could NEVER get a pull up done! Although I’m only able to do one at a time right now I AM EXTREMELY PROUD of that achievement! It goes to show that commitment and practice are powerful tools!

What’s the next fitness goal to be smashed?

Basically getting on top of all the movements necessary to fully compete in the Crossfit Open and of course improve my endurance. So Handstand push ups, Toes to Bar , Muscle Ups and the list goes on. I’ve got a long way to go but I’m determined to be fully ready for 2015. #practicemakespermanent

What are your IslandFit Plans for the future?

I would have to say representing the box at Crossfit Games. Thats my current mindset – and it includes building and making myself a better athlete. Ensuring that I take the advice of my coaches and make the time to work on my weaknesses.

What advice would you have for those thinking about joining us at IslandFit?

You don’t have to go and get fit to start Crossfit!! Every movement can be scaled to a level where it is more manageable for you. Just challenge yourself as you progress ! You won’t regret it !

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

Sushi – and dark chocolate icecream – that’s my go to cheat meal!

If you could program one WOD what would it be?

I love team WODs – the energy in a team WOD is amazing for me so I would have to say a chipper team WOD consisting of Rowing, Olympic lifts , Wall balls, Pushups & Double Unders.

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