Triathlon done CFIF style


by Coach G.

On September 29th the Barbados National Triathlon was held on Spring Garden Highway. Individual Sprint (750m swim/20K bike/5K run) and Olympic  (1500m swim/40K bike/10K run) distances were contested as well as the Team Sprint Relay.

CrossFit IslandFit had 4 members contesting the individual events: Coach G, Coach P and Marissa Bradshaw in the sprint; and Chanda Gooding in the Olympic.  CFIF also put together 6 teams (for the relay events) comprised of our members doing one or two legs assisted by some elite guests. Our junior athletes were put on CFIF teams and also formed their own teams. Team members included Damian Alleyne, Paul Nicolls, Vikash Chatrani, Demron Thompson and Kobi Talma. CFIF was also represented among the volunteers (Rochelle Humphrey, Andrea Franklin and Jennifer Goddard). If anyone was omitted please excuse me but there was considerable hypoxia!

The squad put up a strong showing. In the relay event CFIF teams came 2nd and 3rd with the winning team boasting one of our box members as their swimmer.

In the individual sprint event Coach P was 6th overall, and 2nd Barbadian with a 1st in his age group.

Coach G was 7th overall, 3rd Barbadian, also first in age group.

On an impressive debut was Marissa Bradshaw who was second female overall in the Sprint event (and first Barbadian female in this event as well). Marissa also placed 10th overall in the Sprint.

In the Triathlon (full) Chanda Gooding was the 2nd female overall and 1st Barbadian female; and was awarded the Female National Triathlon Champ award. This lay to rest memories she harbored from last year of being the last competitor on Spring Garden. She was an amazing 18 min faster this year.

Congratulations to the male National Champ Gregory Austin, who was 3rd overall in the Olympic Event, and to Derek Wilson, the first Barbadian in the sprint. Derek is father of our internationally ranked triathlete Jason Wilson and remains an impressive athlete.

Special thanks also to the members who turned out to support. Although acknowledgement may have been impossible during the event the cheers and encouragement were appreciated.

The event was well organized with a strong overseas contingent and props need to be given to the organizers for this. Thanks also for having appropriate medical presence at the event.

Unfortunately there was some medical misfortune as one of the competitors fell victim to the heat and dehydration and collapsed. He is Barbados’s top local triathlete and was leading the field in the Olympic event. He is a member of the CFIF family having a daughter in our ADP and being in the first batch of athletes to do the dreaded CFIF fitness test. Things are on the mend and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.




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