T NATION | Westside Wisdom & a note from Coach C

T NATION | Westside Wisdom.

Believe what you will about ‘CrossFit’, about us…the truth is that CF:IF philosophies and practices are on par with the very best Strength and Conditioning facilities and coaches in the world.

We are helmed by medical professionals and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, all of whom have excelled at sport/competition and in some cases winning outright (Congrats to Coach Phil again on his recent win in Trinidad).

We have the knowledge. We have the experience. We have the passion.

We talk the talk AND we walk it.

We have zero tolerance for EGO-tistical thinking; in practice, in training or in business. We don’t compete with other gyms because we don’t see the point in it.  With ‘half our population’ obese, having metabolic syndrome etc how can we be so arrogant and self-serving as to say we will focus on competing with other gyms, do what they do, copy them etc??? All gyms in Barbados should be seeking to do the same thing we are: striving to be unique while giving the best service we possibly can to our members. We have chosen to do so through CrossFit methodologies, athletic/performance training and nutrition advising.

We pursue betterment of our member-athletes with the same fervor as we do for ourselves, sometimes more so because we are about making BARBADOS better.

In the short 3-4 months since we’ve cracked our doors, we’ve seen newbies to athletic training, rank beginners AND experienced trainees SURPASS their previous fitness levels,  within our walls and outside of them.

Yesterday, surrounded by members bustin their butts, I crushed my previous FRAN time! How? By following the very same programming methodologies we set for our members AND by being humble enough to let MEMBERS motivate and COACH me through it (big shout out to Russell Grant and Anderson Hall).

You see, this is who we are. A community (not a cult). One where you are free to come and go as you please, be yourself and improve without pressure, prejudice or cliques. There’s always love and support. We don’t tie you down (financially or otherwise). We lift you up. We support your goals with straight talk, honest answers and a good dose of frill-free hard work. We encourage multiple fitness pursuits (yes, go ahead and do Zumba etc) because fitness should be fun and unrestricted…in the end, what is fitness but adults being able to use their bodies the same way they did as children?

In closing, as we head into the final month before Grand Kadooment, I encourage you to eat, drink and be merry BUT be as fit and healthy as possible while you do so. Be body responsible. Take care of yourself and as Ellen puts it, ‘be kind to one another’.


Coach C.


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