Marlene, IslandFit and Open 13.2

On Saturday, March 16th my husband and I ventured to Crossfit Islandfit HQ so I could do workout 13.2 for the Crossfit Games Open. Our experience could not have been better or the people more inviting.

We were vacationing in Barbados and came across Islandfit HQ online as one of two CrossFit gyms on the island. I called the number and although the gym wasn’t even done being built yet, they told me I was welcome to come and workout. The gym was easy to find via Google Maps. We were also given specific directions on the phone. The gym is in a good location for tourists and travelers in the Bridgetown area. We were staying at the Hilton and took a taxi to and from the facility which is near the US Embassy.
The owners and coaches at this Crossfit gym could not be any friendlier or accommodating. They even brought bottles of water for us. It was neat to see the gym in its final construction phase and the workers were not in our way at all. All the equipment is top of the line (Rogue) and brand new, which was fun to use. If you are going to Barbados or already live there and are expecting a low grade, dirty gym, think again. This place was neat, clean, new and fresh with all the things you need for your Crossfit workouts.
My workout was great. They had all the proper forms for the Open workout and even videoed it. Our experience and the people couldn’t have been better. I am honored to have been their first paying customer and would go back anytime. Hopefully I will be back 🙂 Barbados is beautiful and so was this gym. Best of luck with your official opening Islandfit HQ! You deserve it.
Yours Truly,
Marlene McCune
PS-My baby girl is due July 20th!

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