Build-up/Build-out Week 3

Build-up/Build-out Week 3

Completed your assessment and OnRamps? Great! Then by Week 3 you can start doing the Workout Of the Day (WOD) which will be posted in-house! WODs can be done during OpenGym time slots.

Assessm = Assessment. Includes body fat and weight measures as well as a physical endurance test. A minimum of 1 assessment is required in addition to 3 OnRamp sessions in order to access regular WOD classes, MERI or Open Gym.

OnRamp = Our process of teaching you the basic movement patterns that will be required for you to complete future activity safely and with efficiency (i.e get the fastest results!). As you complete successive OnRamp sessions (minimum of 3 required to access regular WOD classes, MERI or Open Gym) you will be allowed to increase intensity by using additional weight, adding difficulty etc as long as your technique is sound.

Both your Assessment and OnRamp sessions are tastefully done in a large group format and require pre-booking at the time of your registration.

MERI = Meltdown Extreme Rush Interactive. A fat-loss/physical conditioning class featuring Sandbag skills, body-weight exercise and athletic drills.


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